And it’s flexible!

AJAX requests are used to fetch the news from the website. The plugin then returns all posts in a specific category. Seven ‘fields’ are returned in the JSON.

  • post_title – The title of the post.
  • post_content – The full content of the post.
  • post_excerpt – A short excerpt of the post if it’s enabled in WordPress
  • post_author – Author of the post. This can be either the actual login name or nickname of the author.
  • post_time – Time the post was created. This can easily be change in WordPress when the post is created.
  • post_gm_time – Post GMT. The actual GMT of when the post was created.
  • post_link – A HTTP link back to the post. This allows you to create a ‘read more’ link when using excerpts.

Processing the JSON in C3 is a couple of loops where each post is looped through and then each of the above keys is looped through. In the example below, each key’s value is assigned to a local function variable. After the keys and values of the post are found, HTMLElement.Insert is used to place each one in the HTMLElement in the order desired.

Adding images in posts works as well. Click the image.

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